Our Services

For over 40 years, veterinarians at Del Oeste have been helping horses and their owners. Our team of four veterinarians — combined with our helpful, experienced staff and innovative equipment — enables Del Oeste to provide you with a wide range of services.

Equine Sports Medicine

We advise owners and work with horses at all levels of competition — helping prevent injuries, speed recovery, and improve athletic performance.

Equine Wellness Program

We love to see healthy horses. Del Oeste Equine Hospital’s veterinary services improve your horse’s quality of life. From miniature donkeys to mammoth draft horses, we encourage health and practice preventive care.

Equine Internal Medicine

We aren’t just about teeth or feet — we understand the complex systems that sustain life: respiration, circulation, digestion, and the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. We treat the whole horse, from nose to tail.

Equine Reproduction

Our equine veterinary services help you grow and maintain a healthy herd. We help keep numbers — and behavior — in check. Just like you, we value healthy, well-cared-for horses.